Thursday, March 5, 2020

Political Cartoons Essay Samples on Harvesting Rain Water As a Source of Energy and Water

Political Cartoons Essay Samples on Harvesting Rain Water As a Source of Energy and WaterPolitical cartoons essay samples on harvesting rainwater as a source of water and energy are ideal to help clarify a possible alternative energy. In times of shortage of power and water these alternatives have to be found. A considerable amount of rain water can be harvested from the clouds for home use, an increased conversion rate of this natural resource is at hand. The markets for rain water as a source of water and energy is in a great demand and more companies are having their methods made to prove to the populace that it is a viable alternative.These methods of using rainwater as a source of energy and water at home will be accompanied by some achievements that provide a guarantee of a more reliable future. This method could in fact save valuable dollars as well as resources. A majority of the resources available on Earth are renewable and a good many can be tapped for the conversion of ex isting resources into fresh water for home use and even on farms.The use of clean methods of renewable resources could also protect the planet from soil depletion and pollution. A majority of natural resources are very cheap and most of them are available worldwide. The use of these resources that are renewable will allow for more efficient systems to be set up. Natural resources would increase the cost of electricity and water at the same time.Solar panels are known to provide the technology necessary to convert sunshine into clean sources of energy as well as electricity and are the best start to help mankind out of this poverty and the need for new sources of natural resources. Other solar panel inventions include an adjustable solar cells, space charging cells, stable crystalline solar cells, and solar thermal cells.For instance, natural resources are abundant but at present, their main applications are in the forms of fertilizers and pesticides. These two items are not only cos tly but are also not sustainable. These agricultural products are not really needed anymore because other foods can be produced on a much smaller scale.There is no need to live under the constant fear of famine and there are also new technologies for better living. The world is far from being a very safe place for any human being. A large amount of people are more or less starving to death, children are forced to join armed organizations, the environments are poor and there is much less equality than would be expected.Political cartoons on harvesting rainwater and new technologies are a necessary part of the solution. This kind of research should be encouraged, it would be wise to make sure that future generations will know the value of this 'precious' resource and that human beings will care about the planet's future. If people will not do something they can be certain that nothing will. Such work is needed to assure the safety of humankind and for all the years to come.

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